My husband and I wake up a little before 5:00 most weekday mornings to exercise before work. This statement typically elicits a look of shock or an inquiry about our sanity. No, I do not like getting up that early, but I do like working out in the morning and being done with it.

Most morning gym goers tend to keep to themselves. The gym in my building, however, is so small, that to not get to know the morning regulars would be a challenge.

We’ve gotten to be friends with a fifty-something woman in our building whom I can only hope to look like when I’m that age. While talking about this project, she shared that she works with an attorney that recently opened an art gallery which includes, among other esoteric pieces, a lawn chair made out of tennis balls. “The firm has been great about it,” she said. “They’ve provided him with a lot of flexibility, and they even let him work out of his gallery some days.”

I wonder how many people that hang onto the “safe” job – if such a thing even exists anymore – disclose their aspirations and side projects to their bread-and-butter employer. Isn’t that like saying, “I’d rather not be here,” or “if I could financially support myself pursuing my passion, I would”?

Questions like this remind me of what a friend told me about messaging. “It’s all about messaging. You have to talk about yourself the way you want to be perceived.”

I wonder how many people are closet messagers – only talking about their goals and presenting themselves how they want to be perceived when they are safely away from their “safe” job.