I have a weakness for M&Ms, particularly those of the Holiday variety. Sometimes, I eat one at a time and consciously try to savor each one as an indulgence within itself (I’m from the South, where “weakness” and “indulgence” are inextricably tied to guilt). Most often, I eat more than one at a time while thinking about grabbing the next handful and working my way up to sugar shock. “Stop,” I tell myself. “Appreciate each one as its own fabulous, chocolate experience.” I momentarily take my advice before grabbing the next handful.

So also goes the advice I give myself in my working life. I am often too fixated on the next handful to appreciate the moment – my desire to learn more and advance eventually trumps what I enjoy about my work and prevents me from appreciating the singular, plain M&M moment. I become impatient for more, and not only do I need more than one M&M, I become convinced that what I really need is an M&M with a peanut, or maybe an almond.

Feed your desire to advance. Try all the different types and colors and determine if you have a preference. Explore fully. Just try to appreciate each one in that moment for what it is – reliable, plain blue or Holiday peanut red – and pace yourself. Over indulgence may lead to sugar shock and deplete you of the energy and perspective you need to make a wise choice of which type to try next.