When we envision our future selves, successful in our careers, what do we see? How will we define our success? Will it be the income we earn, the impact of our work, or the pleasure we find in it?

In his book, Transitions, William Bridges wrote:

“… the emphasis on financial success not only dissuades people from careers and lives that they might have found very satisfying but also teaches them that their own imaginings and longings – those haunting feelings that they weren’t meant to spend their lives doing what they’re doing at the moment – are inherently untrustworthy guides…. It is no wonder that people who have silenced those inner signals find meaningful careers difficult to launch and to maintain, or that when they encounter times of transition, they are so confused and distressed.”

No one wants to worry about their financial stability. The reason most of us work is to earn a living. Though to consider financial success above all else is to risk never finding fulfillment in your work. Your inner longings are not fictitious nuisances that you can will away. Expect them to revisit you at those times when routine is interrupted and you question your desire to return to it. Ignore your inner longings and risk feeling compelled to throw away the security you have built to pursue them. It is much better to open your mind, listen, and pursue the balance between finding something you love and financial success as you embark on the journey to figuring out fulfillment.