I’m all for a slow Friday every now and then and celebrating a co-worker’s birthday with an afternoon break for cake. But at work, I like to make things happen and to be in an environment where things are happening – where decisions are made and deals are done. I like to see results. One of my neighbors once commented that an article she had read said that certain people found environments that move like Superman on his way to a disaster to be exciting versus stressful. My neighbor was not one of these people. I, on the other hand, would like to know where I could get a cape.

For those readers that can relate, I’m not telling you anything new when I say it’s easy to become frustrated with environments with no Superman. You may feel inefficiency is unethical – a waste of the organization’s resources. That inefficiency results in an inferior product or service. You may ask yourself if you are the only person who “gets it”. If you are this person, watch out – under the banner of efficiency there is a short, steep slope to self-righteousness. Be mindful of how you approach sharing your ideas about how things should change. In your desire to make what you see as improvements, you may be labeled an over-confident nuisance, regardless of good intentions.

Organizations are made up of many components, not all of which you have full knowledge. History lingers in its impact and politics make for an ever-changing arena. Frame your thoughts and ideas with care; confidence and humility can coexist.