A friend of mine recently had a job interview. She’s trying to escape her current work situation. She told me it took all of her self-control to not fling herself on the floor, grab the interviewer’s ankles, and beg, “Pick me, pick me!” Adulthood… the ongoing exercise in self-restraint. Instincts suppressed, her interview went well, and now the waiting begins – dependent on the timetable of others.

The days of the employed go by faster than the days of those who are not.  Job seekers, keep yourself busy. You can’t control the actions of others, and worrying doesn’t produce results. I remember once listening to a voicemail from a prospective employer again and again, trying to interpret from his tone if I was going to get the job or not. He had left the voicemail right before a vacation, so I was left waiting a week with nothing to hang onto but possibility. I didn’t get the job – in retrospect, it was for the best.

So quit replaying the voicemail. Walk away from your email for an hour. Get in touch with an old friend you haven’t seen for a while and make plans for a networking lunch. Dilute your worry and explore the next opportunity.