Though I haven’t always had the luxury of cherry-picking among the sweetest fruit, I have a tendency towards the strategic versus the entertaining. I make choices based on what I think would position me for the most future opportunities versus doing what I think I would enjoy the most. Observing others, I’ve seen the strategic versus the entertaining decision-making style unfold for both positive and less than ideal outcomes. “What’s the best way of making choices?” I’ve often contemplated. If we make choices solely for the now, do we not compromise possibilities for the future?

Yet if we always live for the future, do we never live the pleasure of the now? Of course, there is gradation amongst the extremes. A strategic choice is not always void of enjoyment, and the fun choice may fail to challenge. The obvious answer is to choose a compromise between the two, though the luxury of a 50/50 compromise does not always present itself.

Maybe there is no “right” way of making the “right” choice. Maybe it is the attitude with which we approach our next move – our willingness to be open to what life presents and where it may lead us next – that makes the difference.