“I’ve recently gotten into Oprah,” my friend announced over dinner.

“Isn’t it a bit late for that?”

“I always get into everything late,” she brushed off. “I read some article on Oprah by a woman who said she always makes decisions by trusting her instincts. My instinct says to quit my job. What do you think I should do?”

“I think you shouldn’t do anything your instincts tell you not to do, but you shouldn’t necessarily do something just because your instincts tell you to do it.”

Instinct walks the line between logic and emotion. Part of us knows what the most prudent choice is, even if it’s the option we’d rather not choose, and part of us wants what we want now regardless of the long-term consequences. When we’re dissatisfied with our job, emotion may begin to outweigh logic. We feel drained, as if we lack the energy to figure out what direction we want to go next. “If I wasn’t so busy running around all the time with this job, I could actually think clearly enough to figure out what I wanted to do next,” is the common refrain.

Quitting or staying in a job is an individual choice. Instinct serves us well when making decisions, though be cognizant of which side of the line your instinct is veering towards – logic or emotion. Trusting instinct alone may satisfy the short-term without consideration for our future.