I recently reconnected with a friend of mine from California. We hadn’t spoken for over a year. There was no falling out, no argument – just life’s necessities crowding out the time. She’s now a stay at home mom. I have no doubt, a great one. She was telling me her husband has had a number of jobs since we last spoke – a consequence of economic conditions.

“He’s willing to hustle and take what comes his way. A job to him is a paycheck. He has a baby to come home and spend time with. Your possessions come and go, but your time is always yours.”

Most of the posts in this blog are devoted to finding fulfillment through your career, but what about finding fulfillment through something else entirely? Anytime before the age of 30, regretfully, I would have judged this sentiment. I would have equated acceptance of a job just for a paycheck with a lack of ambition – a lack of willingness to “do the hard work”, to self-reflect and try different things until, finally, we find our niche. In my mid-30s, many bitter pills later, life’s circumstances have encouraged me to broaden my perspective.

I agree with my friend, “time is always yours,” and I have chosen to spend a sizeable portion of mine working or thinking about finding fulfillment through work – chosen being the operative word.