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Regular readers may have noticed I’ve recently changed the look of Figuring Out Fulfillment for the second time.

Let me explain…

The original image, a boat, was meant to conjure the idea of a journey. With no land on either side of the boat there seemed endless possibility – our destiny determined by how we chose to direct the sails. I even wrote a post about sailing which compared the sailing technique of tacking to the often crooked paths we take to reach our destinations. But while the boat was simplistically symbolic, a friend suggested that it did not capture the tone of the subject matter. It lacked force, she advised. It failed to illustrate the disruptions we often encounter in the process of figuring out fulfillment.

The second design was meant to address the shortcoming of the first. The bright red, orange, and teal engaged the reader and encouraged interest on aesthetic alone. The boldness of the colors was right, but the design was void of meaning related to the subject. The reader was not invited to contemplate further meaning.

The latest image melds the qualities of the previous two. It is my hope that the colors will engage the reader and the image will reflect the question repeatedly addressed: What does it look like to figure out fulfillment? This image, constructed with small triangles cut out from many New Yorker covers, is my interpretation of that question.

Figuring out fulfillment is messy. It requires a willingness to sort through the pieces of our lives to assemble them in ways we find pleasing, while accepting that some of those pieces may be swept away, too small for us to hang onto before we can glue them in place. Figuring out fulfillment is abstract – the pieces may not fit together in ways we understand. We must accept the beauty of their random placement. And the colors of figuring out fulfillment are bright, encouraging us to pick them up, to move them around until we find a decipherable pattern, abstract and cluttered to the perception of another, arranged in our eyes in a way that makes sense.

A new design comes with an additional timely change to Figuring Out Fulfillment, which will be introduced on Wednesday.