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One of my greatest strengths is that I move things forward. I approach goals I set for myself with an energy others sometimes find overwhelming. I want things done immediately and if it means staying up too late and getting up too early to get done what I want to – I’ll do it.

One of my greatest weaknesses is that I jump in. I am a planner, so I don’t jump in without strategizing my approach, but I do jump. Part of strategizing the best way to bring your goal to fruition is to seek the expert opinion of others and letting their knowledge inform your approach. I seek the expert advice of others with humility, but I tend to seek it too quickly, sometimes, in my excitement to move forward, skimping on my preparation. Recognizing my pattern, I’ve learned to moderate my instinct to ask every question I can think of immediately. I’ve learned the benefit of taking time to educate myself first – to establish a point of reference so that my questions were more pointed and the information I took away more meaningful.

Approach figuring out your fulfillment with vigor. You may never find it if you don’t. But slow down to ask yourself what it is you know, what it is you don’t know, and how you can figure out what you don’t know before seeking the advice of others. You will demonstrate your commitment to others, increasing the likelihood of their willingness to help you, through your due diligence.