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I’m pretty happy with my marriage. In fact, saying it like that sounds like an understatement. I’m very happy with my marriage. My husband is an equal partner, we don’t divide household responsibilities based on gender lines; we both do everything to accomplish what needs to be done. But sometimes we accomplish things at different speeds and this is main source of contention when we have it. I like things done now. Now. And my husband is okay with maybe in a little while.

“I’ll try to get that done today,” he’ll say.

“Try? You don’t try to get it done today you just do it.”

So goes the dialogue and the escalation, both of us already on high speed because of the pattern or our past.

Sometimes I wonder if this is my husband’s pattern at work. Does he procrastinate like this when a colleague he’s working with has a deadline, or is it just because it’s at home? Given his success thus far, it appears to be only at home.

I believe practicing time management, at work and at home, can either be as burdensome as all the growing tasks on your to-do list, or it can be a resource that makes us feel in control.

When my husband comes home from work he typically claims he’s not in the mood because he’s too this or too that to call the cable company to renegotiate the bill, to fill out the form from the health insurance company, and so on. For him, it’s another headache after a long day. I see it from a different perspective. After a long day at work I may not be in the mood to call the cable company but marking something else off my to-do list gives me a sense of control in a life where I realize there’s little.

Procrastination grows exponentially. Give yourself a needed sense of control. Don’t try to get things done today – just do it.