We are a culture seeking perfection (though we don’t much like anyone who is), and perfection has a certain look. Perfection is well-proportioned and has white teeth. Perfection faithfully adheres to an exercise regimen. Perfection has a good job and drives a BMW. Perfection owns its home, if it only owns one. Perfection has lots of friends, a functional family, never loses its temper, and thinks of the perfect birthday gifts. If perfection is not married, perfection is in a relationship – with its soul mate.

“What if my soul mate lives in Thailand or Bulgaria?” I’ve heard single people seeking perfection ask. “How would I know? How would I ever meet them?”

Perfection has a career in the same way it has a soul mate – there is only one. Banker, doctor – there is only one. Perfection has no problem making decisions. In fact perfection doesn’t give the appearance that there was ever even a decision to be made. Perfection doesn’t seem to experience turmoil in transition.

We love perfection. We hate it. We meet it at dinner parties and networking events. We see it in television interviews. Perfection makes it looks easy. What’s wrong with us? We must be lazy. We must lack discipline. Maybe we are. Maybe we do. Maybe we could take a lesson from perfection. Maybe we could learn to conceal our imperfections, just like perfection.