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Steve Jobs was known, of course among other things, for taking long walks to think and debate ideas. Though shuttling underground in a tube is very different than a serene walk around Palo Alto, sitting on the train on the way home on Friday felt like a good time to clear my head and reflect.

I like to quantify things, so typically I read on the train, measuring the success of my trip by how many pages I manage to read. I may or may not get a seat. I may or may not be able to hold the book more than six inches from my nose, depending on upon how crowded the train is. Nonetheless I make a measure of the experience. On Friday, though, I was feeling extravagant enough to let myself surrender to the lulling rhythm of the stop and start of the train. So when I pulled out my book, I opened to the page I left off, and then put the book away. Instead I contented myself to sit and contemplate what we gain from being busy every moment (I do read a lot a books expanding my world) and what we lose. And what we gain by giving ourselves time to think.