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I love writing this blog. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have been so committed to it for the past two years. Though, sometimes, I find myself on a Sunday afternoon with nothing written for the week. I have to force myself to sit down and come up with something, hopefully insightful, about the experience of working and the process of figuring out fulfillment. This obligation to write is less of a transformative, joyful experience than being overcome with inspiration and promptly documenting it in the form of a post. The result is the same but the getting there is a much different experience.

What do we do when paid work we love (unfortunately my many thousands of blog words have been unpaid) starts to feel the same as writing on a Sunday? What if we start to wonder if we still love what we once knew we did? Asking the question, I have positioned myself to answer. True to my previous posts I don’t have a list or a self-scorable quiz. But, I do have an insight. Maybe the experience of working at work we love is like marriage. We are enamored at first and then settle in. We become committed to the commitment we have made: most days average, some good, and a few that take us back to the beginning, reminding us of the inspiration that brought us to the point to be lucky enough to call most days average.