Christmas and New Year’s Day each fell on a Tuesday this year.  Those of us lucky enough to have the vacation days quite possibly had 12 days off of work in a row, from December 22nd to January 2nd. Twelve days of preparing, celebrating, cleaning up and doing it all again.

If we only had one more day, what we could accomplish. Now that we have returned from our travels we need time to clean out the garage and make room for the new bikes. Now that our guests have gone we need time to wash the sheets. We need time “to get it together.” Wasn’t this the time we were supposed to do that? That’s why we took the few extra days. Where did it go?

What if we never had to go back? Then we’d do much more than clean out the garage. We’d manifest our destiny. We’d read the book on photography we received as a gift right away instead of putting it off until June. We’d become experts and travel the world submitting our work to National Geographic. We’d live. Really live. No more of the mundane, the day-to-day that keeps us so busy we can’t propel ourselves forward. Just the thought of it is overwhelming and a bit depressing. And what can we really accomplish in one more day? Maybe it’s best we wait. Relax one more day. How often is it that we take time off? Isn’t this what vacation is for?

We will be productive next weekend. It will be a short week. We’ll go back to work rested. Then we’ll remember why we wanted to read the book on photography and we’ll make time before June. We’ll remember that it’s the day-to-day living, not the getting away, that drives us to manifest what we can be.