I’ve noticed something about people who use the word ‘always’ and ‘never’ – what they say is ‘always’ or ‘never’ the case is almost never true. ‘I always work out in the morning,’ versus ‘I generally work out in the mornings’. ‘I never eat sugar,’ versus ‘I generally don’t eat much sugar’. ‘I always work late,’ versus ‘I often work late’. I’ve also noticed that those who feel the need to announce they always, or never, do something are more likely not to do whatever it is they always say they do at a much higher rate than those who aren’t inclined to make such pronouncements. And the same for never.

So it also goes with organizations. Stodgy, bureaucratic organizations that make a fuss about being innovative seem to be the least innovative. Organizations that are innovative are too busy being innovative to have meetings about how they are going to be innovative. Perhaps people and organizations that need to announce who and what they think they are, are insecure about those exact things. Or their image of who or what they are no longer, if it ever did, matches the reality.

We all tell ourselves lies, though fulfillment doesn’t come from making decisions through a clouded lens. Accept who you are, someone who doesn’t ‘always’ or ‘never’, someone who could work towards more or less, but will never be an absolute. Give yourself room for the reality of who you are and make decisions from a place of honest self-assessment, not an unrealistic ideal.