When I started writing posts for Figuring Out Fulfillment, I worked through an entire post in one sitting. Yes, I might have taken a break to make a cup of tea, but that was it – no walking away until I was done. Finding it easy to start posts but difficult to finish them, I wasted hours forcing inspiration.

Over three hundred posts later, I have a different approach. I most often write half a piece and take a break – a few hours or a day, long enough to view it with a renewed perspective, short enough to easily pick it up. I’ve cut my writing time in half.

Such is the best approach to figuring out fulfillment. Sometimes a decision must be made: the lucky circumstance of deciding from among more than one job offer or of applying for graduate school before a deadline. But most decisions do not operate on a set time frame.

We should expect figuring out fulfillment to be difficult and take more time than would be our ideal. We should expect to go through periods of uncertainty after we’ve made decisions we thought we were sure of. We should expect that sometimes we’ll have the energy needed to self-reflect and reinvent ourselves, and sometimes we won’t. You must be committed to your journey, but taking a break from it may be what’s needed to give you a renewed perspective. Be more patient: forcing ourselves into making decisions before we are ready may result in a more circuitous route to fulfillment than if we allow ourselves time to renew.