If you Google “are you a failure”, “are you a failure at life quiz” autopopulates as an option. Curious to know how such a monumental, nuanced judgment could be determined by a quiz I let the wisdom of Google be my guide. Sure I’ll take that quiz. The first search result was the “Who Are You Meant to Be? – Self-Assessment Quiz.” If you were to click this link you’d be redirected to the oracle of inspiration – Oprah.com. The quiz purports to help you discover, “…your striving style” and to “….learn what to do if it’s backfiring from neglect, and find ideas to guide your life in the direction it was meant to go.

It could be reasonably argued that due to the mechanics of search engine optimization, anything from Oprah.com is tremendously more likely to appear first in a search than (I won’t name any names) all the sites that followed. Regardless of the reason, the question we should be asking ourselves is do we equate failure in life with a failure to be who are meant to be?

I took the quiz. It turns out I am striving for autonomy. Well, Oprah called it the “Striving for Control” style, but autonomy was one of the descriptors for a control and doesn’t it sound so much nicer. I can’t deny the results of the quiz were correct, though not particularly helpful. I am striving for more autonomy, but if I don’t achieve the level of autonomy I’d like, I hope I can reconcile that trying is a success within itself.