Do I believe that finding fulfillment in your career is possible? Yes. Do I think it happens overnight, spontaneously, with hardly any effort, and that once you “figure it out” you are permanently free from doubt? No – allowing for a very few exceptions, none of which I have had the good fortune of meeting or hearing about; finding the right career fit is much more complicated than that. Most good things are.

If finding the right career fit was easy, and if once we found it we never had to endure another transition, there wouldn’t be so many articles and books advising us on how to go about it. So why do so many of those books and articles make it sound so easy? Probably because a book with the byline, “The long, hard, and sometimes confusing road to finding your perfect career” wouldn’t sell many copies, whereas, “Find your perfect career in ten weeks or less,” would.

Maintaining hope that finding your perfect fit is possible is imperative to finding it. Without hope, there is no motivation to continue the journey. But don’t expect to find your forever-perfect fit in ten weeks or less. You’ll risk puttering out before you get going.

So how do you achieve consistent hope – the balance between no hope and the hope you feel after an emotional revelation? Define success in increments and celebrate each step. Maintain a perspective of what you want your short-term – six months to two years – achievements to look like, while maintaining a vision for your future.